Perpetuum hash rent

PRP is High Return

About PrpHashRent

With PHR (Perpetuum Hash Rent) you can buy mining power of an ASIC in as many fractions as you want by buying NFTs. Every certain time, PHR will place at disposal an ASIC model with different specifications. You will be able to buy a percentage of the mining power of that ASIC in the shape of tickets.

When you buy the NFT or ticket you are contributing money along with other investors to buy an ASIC. The money produced by that ASIC will be distributed in $PRP among the people who have NFTs.

The ticket will be converted to a NFT once the purchased ASIC has started mining.
The NFT contract will expire when BOTH conditions have been met:
- It's been 2 years since the ASIC started mining.
- You have obtained 200% profitability in dollars.

Every NFT is unique and has a number and will store the information of its assigned mining machine.

New mining machines

We will be continuously adding mining machines to the rental system, and you will be able to obtain them through the sale of new NFTs. You can have as many NFTs as you have obtained in the same wallet, even from more than one machine. A profit-sharing system takes care of that automatically.


Why are the returns given on PRP tokens?

PHR is part of the Perpetuum Ecosystem. This innovative tokenized mining ecosystem guarantees an unlimited growth of the PRP token. Given that all the mining power falls on the PRP token, it becomes more profitable in the long term than any other minable cryptocurrency, being able to have the best returns from the crypto market. By giving the returns on PRP tokens, you have the freedom to choose if you want to sell or hold the PRP tokens, thus adding profitability to your investment.

The ASICs will increase the PRP volume, helping Perpetuum to buy more ASICs to burn more tokens. Perpetuum can also buy NFTs, so no need to wait for the project wallet to accumulate thousands of dollars to buy an entire ASIC. This means that Perpetuum's mining hash, burns and volume will constantly increase.


Yes, you can buy PRP despite having an NFT associated to the account, but it is preferable to use the wallet for one thing only. That way, you will have a better control over the profits from your rented ASIC.

You are free to do what you want with your tokens from the beginning, even though it is true that thanks to the tokenized PRP mining system, it might be better to hold the token.

We will continuously keep increasing our NFT supply with more productive and profitable mining equipment.

We do very thorough research of which equipment is going to offer the best profitability for the current market, both in short and long term, and then we choose the equipment that meets the profitability requirements.

Both the tokens and the NFTs are exclusively yours, so you are free to use them as you please.

Before long, everyone will have at their disposal a Marketplace to sell them. The value of the NFTs depend on the market fluctuations, so you may even obtain profit by selling them.

If you are interested on selling your NFT, contact us. We will be more than happy to give you the best value, and if you are not satisfied, you will always have the marketplace.

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